Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Week in Review

I hope everyone is enjoying the longest day of the year today! I plan to watch my son play soccer and then enjoy our neighborhood pool with a cocktail in my hand. 🙂 This week I started the week with a reminder on the importance of celebrating successes and giving ourselves a hand when we do. On Tuesday, I wrote on Young Adult Money about great cheap gift ideas for your wife. I was also featured on Daily Interview about my blog. On Wednesday, I shared three quick and easy tips to get financially fit thanks to my 8 year old son. Yesterday for fun, I shared the top ten ways that people have found me via google. Most weeks I keep my weekly roundup to 5 posts, but I couldn’t narrow it down this week. Lots of great stuff!

Here are the reads I enjoyed this week:

  1. My absolute favorite was from Stefanie at The Broke and Beautiful Life. She gave a great budget breakdown of living in New York City. I have a number of clients in New York City all trying to live and enjoy life and this is a great model for me to give them to follow.
  2. Grayson writing at Frugal Rules talked about his need to go on a cash diet after some erratic spending. I frequently have to put my clients on cash diets, and it’s a great exercise in control and mindfulness.
  3. Erin at the Broke Millennial shared a recent conversation we had followed by a musing of moving to Germany where frugality is much more acceptable.
  4. Holly at Club Thrifty wrote about how to fail at gardening and for two days just the thought of this post made me crack up and wonder what squabrocabbage would taste like.
  5. Team Frugal Rules was at it again when Cat shared 4 great wedding gift ideas. I have a number of clients headed into wedding season and this is a great resource.
  6. John at Sprout Wealth shared some great tips on making money with affiliate marketing. This is an area I haven’t really focused on in my blog, but a great resource for anyone who needs help (like me) in this area.
  7. Joe at Stacking Benjamins hits the nail on the head reminding us that happiness is a state of mind. And we all can’t wait to see his 30 year old bad a$$ sweater from Nordstrom that almost ruined him financially.

A big THANK YOU to Canadian Budget Binder, CNA Finance, Young Adult Money and Eyes on the Dollar for highlighting some of my posts this week. I really appreciate it!! Next week on my blog, just like it is in my house will be World Cup week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

What do you have planned this weekend? Are you watching World Cup?


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