Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – Taking Chances

This week I celebrated one year of being a soloepreneur and shared my story of taking chances in my career. On Wednesday, I shared mine and my son’s review of Lemonade Stand by my friend Shannon Ryan. Shannon took a chance and wrote this book, and her efforts paid off because it’s a great lesson in money for parents and kids. In honor of Shannon’s book, on Friday I shared my top ten summer activities with kids and one of them is to start a lemonade stand. 🙂 Finally, I had my last planned post shared on Young Adult Money. I have loved writing for DC’s blog, and some of what he allowed me to write over there helped me get my AOL Job, so I really appreciate him and his support.

Reads I Enjoyed This Week

  1. Alicia at Evolving Personal Finance shared her challenge of choosing healthcare. She highlights the complexities and struggles most of us have with figuring out healthcare in the US.
  2. Grayson wrote for Frugal Rules asking if you could complain when something is free. I think it’s a great question to ask, but more than that, his story of working the booth during a trade show reminded me of the days I did that as well and it is amazing how many people complained over the free stuff you were giving them.
  3. Tonya at Budget and the Beach shared 5 things freelancers can do while waiting for more work. As someone who usually spends downtime stressed about when busy time will happen again, I thought this was a great list.
  4. Stefanie at The Broke and Beautiful Life share some blogging lessons learned and also that she is available for new blogger help.
  5. KK at Student Debt Survivor shared some great tips for weathering a financial storm.

I have a pretty low key weekend planned because FB Hubby is currently in Iceland for a class trip. My biggest issue is that I finished the second season of Orange is the New Black and I don’t know what to watch next. I know, #firstworldproblems

What do you have planned this weekend? Any shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus you would recommend?

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