Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Hi Everyone!

This week I had side hustles on the mind. On Monday I talked about equating the work you put into a side hustle into something fun like beer or whatever floats your boat. On Wednesday I shared my personal experiences as a secret shopper, which is one of my side hustles. Yesterday I shared the top ten sites I like for finding side hustles as well as a really cheap dinner for 4 in case your side hustle has to put dinner on the table. I was also on Sprout Wealth this week talking about managing your work / life balance.

Here are some of the reads I enjoyed this week.

  1. Laurie from The Frugal Farmer shared some of the extreme things they have done to save money.
  2. Holly at Club Thrifty shared how her time working in a funeral home prepared her financially and emotionally for living a better life.
  3. DC from Young Adult Money actually guest posted on Budget Blonde asking if it was selfish to not have kids. And I personally thought his argument for why he doesn’t have them was the most unselfish thing I have read.
  4. Erin at the Broke Millennial started a new job (Congrats again!!) and is finding herself burnt out and explained it through gifs.
  5. Addison at Cashville Skyline shared about becoming intimately involved in her parent’s finances and it is definitely a tough line to walk as a child.

Next week I am talking about money and happiness and finding the right balance.

Are you following the NHL or NBA playoffs? We are now in baseball season, are you a fan?

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