Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

This week I was thinking about moms and motherhood. On Monday, I shared the best financial lesson my mom taught me. On Wednesday, I discussed the learning lessons I got from my son’s traumatic mishap in school. On Thursday, I shared my review of Laurie’s book How to Teach Your Kids About Money. And I ended the week with my top ten TV moms who were all moms I watched growing up and wished they could raise me, and I also shared a new/old recipe of my mom’s that is a great dinner for 4 under $15. This week I also appeared on Young Adult Money and The Frugal Farmer.

My Favorite Reads of the Week

  1. Kim at Eyes on the Dollar shared some extra benefits to cutting cable or satellite. This has been a big project for us this year that will appear on the blog soon, so I can absolutely relate to these benefits.
  2. John at Frugal Rules shared his experiment with the $20 Sandwich Trick while in Vegas. I honestly had no idea this even existed, but now I want to try it.
  3. Andrew at Living Rich Cheaply asked if we were suffering from technology overload, and I definitely feel as though I am at my breaking point and hate to think of how much more plugged in my son is versus where I was at his age.
  4. Holly at Club Thrifty shared some thoughts and funny stories about dealing with online criticism.
  5. Wendy at Girl Meets Debt talked about the importance of small indulgences while on the path to financial health.

Thank you so much to The Heavy Purse and Young Adult Money for including my posts this week in your roundups! To all of you moms out there, I hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day and to all you guys out there, I hope that you spoil all the moms you know.

What are your weekend plans? How do you plan to celebrate the moms in your life?


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