Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

I hope that everyone is enjoying their long weekend if they have Monday off. We are laying low this weekend and enjoying a sort of staycation. Our lives have been so crazy as of late, that I don’t think the three of us mind at all. Anywho, this week FB Hubby shared our story of cutting cable and how we have saved a bunch of money because of it. On Wednesday, I talked about the judgment we received from family for making financially responsible choices such as this. Yesterday, I shared my top ten reasons for cutting cable as well as a dinner for 4 under $17 that would be worthy of your Jones neighbors or family. On Tuesday, I wrote on Young Adult Money about steps you should take to plan for major life events.

Here are some of the posts I enjoyed this week:

  1. Wendy from Girl Meets Debt comes back strong from her blog hiatus to talk about why she was not sold on the value of Costco. I know lots of people who overspend in these stores thinking that they are getting a “deal” when they are getting the opposite.
  2. J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy comes back strong after paternity leave to talk about the power of doing just one thing consistently where your wealth building is concerned. He kind of reminds me of Curly from City Slickers with this advice.
  3. John from Frugal Rules wrote on Daily Finance about the dangers of thinking of your 401k as a piggy bank. I can’t tell you how many times I see people take from retirement accounts to fund life events. With better planning, some of those mistakes could be avoided.
  4. Deb from Debt Debs wrote a very personal account of how she found out about the amount of debt she and her husband had accumulated and the stress that it put on her marriage.
  5. Laurie at The Frugal Farmer presented a great argument for why you should eat more organic foods and as someone who tends to think they are a waste of money, I thought she made a very compelling argument.

Do you have plans for this Memorial Day weekend or will you be laying low like us?

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