Raising Money for Your Dream with Concetta Rand


Raising Money for Your Dream with Concetta Rand

On this episode of Martinis and Your Money, I am talking to Concetta Rand, Chief Revenue Officer of the new crowdfunding startup for women-led startups and small businesses, iFundWomen. As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of raising money for your dream to become a reality, and I also understand the struggles of doing it. iFundWomen is making it easier for other women’s dreams to come true – so you know that’s something I want everyone to know about! Listen and enjoy. Cheers!

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What are we drinking?

Concetta — her second cup of coffee

Shannon — her first cup of coffee

Podcast Notes

  • Shannon found iFundWomen through the group, Dreamers and Doers.
  • Shannon shares that she is in the process of raising money for her company and that the fundraising process is the absolute worst.
  • iFundWomen was started in November 2016 and will have helped the businesses on their platform raise over $1,000,000.00 by the end of this year.
  • Shannon and Concetta discuss the statistics of female-led venture funding compared to male-led venture funding.
  • iFundWomen is a rewards-based platform – no equity is sold so instead companies offer perks, rewards, incentives or products in exchange for monetary contributions.
  • It follows a pay-it-forward model where iFundWomen directly reinvests 20% of its standard fees into live campaigns on the site!
  • Dedicated crowdfunding and business coaching is provided to everyone on the platform.
  • Over 1,000 businesses have applied for funding at iFundWomen and over 150 campaigns have run and been successful.
  • Shannon asks Concetta what the process is like to get on the platform as a female entrepreneur.
  • Looking through iFundWomen’s campaign guide is the first step.
  • Shannon shares the advice she received when she first started raising money for the Financial Gym.
  • Crowdfunding isn’t about begging for money – it is about putting your plan into action and asking your community for support.
  • Concetta explains reward planning and provides examples of successful rewards.
  • Some businesses that have had successful iFundWomen campaigns include:
  • Shannon talks about the angel investor that invested her company, the Financial Gym.
  • Crowdfunding forces you to prioritize talking about your business and broaden your network.
  • You can’t be afraid to ask the first time and you can’t be afraid to ask multiple times!
  • Shannon discusses the Financial Gym’s “Hey Neighbor” campaign.
  • Three things female entrepreneurs need to thrive in the startup world are:
    • Access to capital
    • Access to coaches and mentors
    • Access to success stories
  • TAKEAWAY: If you have an idea or a vision, put it out there. There are plenty of people who want to make that a reality for you – you just have to give them a way to do it.

Random Three Questions

  1. What do you think is one of the most successful women-founded businesses that other women should look to for inspiration?
  2. What is a book or movie that has changed your life?
  3. If you were to win a million dollars, what would you do with it?

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